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Watch: Dr. Aaron Dodini on being an ADHD doctor & parent

Published: 02 Nov 2022 | ADHD & Me , insights , expert insight , Video

"Why is it so hard to diagnose ADHD?"

This question, posed by interviewer Dr. Samantha Hiew , has no simple answer. With over 20 years of experience in the ADHD treatment space, interviewee Dr. Aaron Dodini is well-equipped to explain exactly why ADHD evaluations can be so complexand how to improve the experience for those being evaluated for ADHD across diverse backgrounds.

Dr. Dodini's history with ADHD is both professional and personal. His daughter, Sydney, was diagnosed as an adult, an experience she recounts in our earlier interview here. You can also watch Dr. Hiew's interview with Dr. Dodini and Sydney together here.


HubSpot Video

In this video, Dr. Dodini recounts his own experience with Sydney's diagnosis, as well as the realities others experience in their own ADHD evaluations. He and Dr. Hiew discuss the challenges people face as well as the best path forward, including using objective measures such as QbTest and other top tips for other parents of neurodivergent children.

Dr. Dodini's wealth of experiences, stories, and outlooks on the state of treatment make this interview a must-watch. A special thanks to both Dr. Dodini and Dr. Hiew for lending their expertise to this discussion.

About Utopia

This interview is part of the Utopia campaign, a collaboration between ADHD Girls and Qbtech. By shedding light on the unique lived experiences of neurodivergent individuals, Utopia aims to create a broader, more universal understanding of what it’s like to experience life with ADHD.
For those living with ADHD, their families, and clinicians alike, this interview offers a wealth of real, relatable stories.