Qbtech and ADHD news and insights

Pediatricians risk overdiagnosing ADHD in children who are young for their school year

Pediatricians see a significantly higher percentage of referrals involving the youngest children in a school year for ADHD diagnoses and treatments. Objective data can be used to remove this bias.

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Alternative interventions for ADHD: Evidence matters and clear evaluation is needed for every patient, regardless of treatment choice.

For the concerned parent of a child who may have ADHD – or an individual themselves – there can seem to be a confusing array of treatments on offer. After a proper diagnosis, treatment should. Read More

Objective data confirms birthdate bias in childhood ADHD

ADHD decision making is compromised by the complex nature of the disorder, associated conditions and reliance on subjective information which can be ambiguous and biased. This can lead to.

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It’s different for girls – ADHD and the gender divide

In the past, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was often thought of as a condition which only affects boys. We now know that this simply isn’t the case. When present, ADHD affects.

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Why swift identification and treatment of ADHD makes sense

Early identification of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) means that the right support and treatment can be provided and start to have a positive effect.

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Introducing the new ADHD test QbCheck with FDA clearance and CE marking

QbCheck is designed to simplify yet improve medical and financial outcomes. As the only FDA cleared and CE marked online ADHD test it utilises breakthrough technology to precisely track movement,.

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FDA clears breakthrough ADHD Test Product

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the ADHD test - QbCheck - developed by the Swedish company Qbtech to aid in the assessment and evaluation of treatment interventions in.

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FDA clearance paves way for computerized ADHD monitoring

Last month, a mother came into the Focus-MD clinic in Mobile, Alabama, with a concern about her eight-year-old son. A year and a half earlier, the boy had been diagnosed with attention deficit. Read More

FDA clears QbTest for treatment follow-up in patients with ADHD

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the neuropsychological test – QbTest – developed by the Swedish company Qbtech to aid in the evaluation of treatment interventions in patients.

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