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The most up-to-date thinking on ADHD from research, diagnosis to treatment and management

23 Jan

ADHD and depression - part three

In Part Three, Dr Jennie Byrne explains  about the challenges within and beyond the treatment of those with ADHD and depression.

Q. Is it more difficult to...
22 Jan

ADHD and depression - part two

Experienced psychiatrist Dr. Jennie Byrne answers common questions around ADHD and Depression. In Part Two, we discuss if an ADHD diagnosis later in life can...

18 Dec

The creative ADHD brain

The conventional belief is that freedom fuels creativity, however, there is also a less well-known theory that mind wandering (the inattentive part of ADHD)...

17 Dec

Mindfulness: an ADHD case study

To learn about how mindfulness helped someone with ADHD, psychotherapist and mindfulness coach Stacey Camacho shared one of her client’s journey: a 38-year-old...

16 Dec

Does taking paracetamol during pregnancy result in ADHD?

Of the many articles and press around ADHD, there are all too often misleading interpretations of the science that has been presented. In this article, we aim...

13 Dec

An ADHD Christmas – jingle bell or jingle hell?

Christmas is just around the corner and for many of us will be a time of fun and spending time with loved ones. Yet, it can also bring varying pressures...

02 Dec

Time to clock off – ADHD in the workplace

We’ve all been there; sitting at your work desk, watching the clock slowly hitting 3 pm. It’s a Friday and all you can think about is the weekend. Our mind is...

22 Sep

ADHD and procrastination

We all procrastinate. We all find excuses to put off long, complex or boring tasks. For those with ADHD, the consequences of procrastination can be...

20 Sep

5 conditions not to mistake for ADHD

“Where should I go to have my son evaluated for ADHD?” seems to be a straightforward question, but it is not.

This parent believes, rightly or wrongly, that...

14 Jun

Women and the later life diagnosis

The truth is that women are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than men for a number of reasons.

Of the women who do get diagnosed, research indicates that...

20 May

Medication improves academic performance

Mental health problems in childhood can have a negative impact on learning and academic performance, resulting in considerable consequences for later life.


23 Apr

Birthdate bias

It has long been recognized that the oldest children in age-based cohorts tend to outperform and have better mental health outcomes than their younger-aged...