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The most up-to-date thinking on ADHD from research, diagnosis to treatment and management

22 Sep

ADHD and procrastination

We all procrastinate. We all find excuses to put off long, complex or boring tasks. For those with ADHD, the consequences of procrastination can be...

20 Sep

5 conditions not to mistake for ADHD

“Where should I go to have my son evaluated for ADHD?” seems to be a straightforward question, but it is not.

This parent believes, rightly or wrongly, that...

14 Jun

Women and the later life diagnosis

The truth is that women are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than men for a number of reasons.

Of the women who do get diagnosed, research indicates that...

20 May

Medication improves academic performance

Mental health problems in childhood can have a negative impact on learning and academic performance, resulting in considerable consequences for later life.


23 Apr

Birthdate bias

It has long been recognized that the oldest children in age-based cohorts tend to outperform and have better mental health outcomes than their younger-aged...

28 Nov

Mindfulness and virtual reality

The ADHD Foundation hosted their 6th National ADHD Conference on ‘ADHD, Neurodiversity, and Mental Health’ in Liverpool, UK on November 8th-9th.


22 Nov

ADHD, Autism or both?

Reaching a diagnostic decision is seldom straightforward and particularly not when a child or adult presents with symptoms that greatly overlap, like they do...

23 Oct

The bright side of ADHD

The 5th EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD hosted their 2018 biennial meeting at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland...

15 Oct

ADHD in girls

Girls with ADHD are easily missed, not only by teachers and parents but by qualified professionals as well.

For many years, people believed that ADHD was a...

20 Feb

It takes confidence

Diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) remains subject to controversy and there is an ongoing debate about increasing prevalence rates....

28 Jun

Cannabinoids and ADHD

ADHD patients are known to take cannabis to cope with problems related to their ADHD, yet, until now there has been very limited data to evaluate whether this...

15 Feb

Interventions for ADHD

Evidence matters and clear evaluation is needed for every patient, regardless of treatment choice. For the concerned parent of a child who may have ADHD – or...