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The most up-to-date thinking on ADHD from research, diagnosis to treatment and management

12 Dec

Getting started with mindfulness

To inform us about the practical aspects of mindfulness and how it could help with ADHD, psychotherapist and mindfulness coach Stacey Camacho provided us with...

02 Dec

Time to clock off – ADHD in the workplace

We’ve all been there; sitting at your work desk, watching the clock slowly hitting 3 pm. It’s a Friday and all you can think about is the weekend. Our mind is...

31 Oct

ADHD in school

ADHD symptoms can be heavily impacted by the school environment. It is common for parents to be concerned about how to manage school, especially if their child...

15 Oct

Common ADHD myths

As part of ADHD Awareness Month, established ADHD researcher and author Dr. Joel Nigg is picking apart some common myths around ADHD.


Myth 1: ADHD is the...

26 Sep

Effective strategies for managing procrastination

In her previous blog, Dr. Carol Weitzman, Director of the Connecticut Center for Developmental Pediatrics in Westport Connecticut and the Medical Director of...

25 Sep

Award-winning innovation

The diagnostic process for ADHD is challenging for all involved.

For a long time diagnoses have been based on professional instinct; based on interviews with...

22 Sep

ADHD and procrastination

We all procrastinate. We all find excuses to put off long, complex or boring tasks. For those with ADHD, the consequences of procrastination can be...

21 Sep

Follow up care in the United States

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common and impairing psychiatric disorders affecting children, with an estimated 13% of...

20 Sep

5 conditions not to mistake for ADHD

“Where should I go to have my son evaluated for ADHD?” seems to be a straightforward question, but it is not.

This parent believes, rightly or wrongly, that...

18 Sep

ADHD and depression - part one

ADHD and depression are commonly associated with one another. But why is that? We asked experienced psychiatrist Dr. Jennie Byrne MD, PhD from Cognitive...

13 Sep

Small steps to giant leaps: promotion of active change during care pathway re-design

Navigating the development of clinical care pathways for ADHD can be a time consuming and frustrating process for clinicians - often something that’s ‘slotted’...

14 Jun

Women and the later life diagnosis

The truth is that women are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than men for a number of reasons.

Of the women who do get diagnosed, research indicates that...