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Watch: Sydney Dodini & Dr. Aaron Dodini on living with ADHD

Published: 17 Oct 2022 | Video
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When Sydney Dodini was diagnosed with ADHD at age 19, she gained fresh perspective on her challenge with focus at university. With the help of her father, Dr. Aaron Dodini, and objective ADHD testing with QbTest, Sydney was also able to better understand her perfectionist tendencies, her struggles with anxiety, and the way neurodivergence can affect daily lived experiences. The ADHD diagnosis changed Sydney’s life, but it was only the beginning of a path that led to a new level of self-reflection.

In this powerful and heartfelt conversation, Sydney and Dr. Aaron Dodini give a refreshing and frank perspective on living with and treating ADHD. The father-daughter duo are joined by Dr. Samantha Hiew, Founder and Director at ADHD Girls, who facilitates the interview using her own expertise in the ADHD treatment space.

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Both Dr. Hiew and Sydney Dodini were diagnosed with ADHD as adults. In this interview, they lend their perspective on living with ADHD. Alongside Dr. Aaron Dodini’s years of experience treating neurodivergent patients, the conversation also encompasses personal anecdotes, reflections, and hope for the future of ADHD care. 

About Utopia 

This interview is part of the Utopia campaign, a collaboration between ADHD Girls and Qbtech. By shedding light on the unique lived experiences of neurodivergent individuals, Utopia aims to create a broader, more universal understanding of what it’s like to experience life with ADHD. 

For those living with ADHD, their families, and clinicians alike, this interview offers a wealth of real, relatable stories. Watch the full conversation.