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ADHD in school

Published: 31 Oct 2019
happy school girls running outdoor at sunny autumn day

ADHD symptoms can be heavily impacted by the school environment. It is common for parents to be concerned about how to manage school, especially if their child has ADHD.So how can schools best adapt the way they operate to meet the needs of those with ADHD? 

We spoke to the ADHD Foundation's Tony Lloyd and Emma Weaver to learn more about how ADHD can be managed in schools. Plus, we explore how parents and teachers can work together together to support children's development and explore some innovative methods some schools are adopting to support their pupils. 






How parents and teachers can support children with ADHD




Can children with ADHD thrive in mainstream schools?



How schools can be adapted for ADHD




Are schools doing anything innovative to help children with ADHD?




Is there enough awareness of ADHD in schools?